The Best Tricks And Tips To Paint Your House


You have tried it sometimes, and the results have not been as expected. Or maybe you have never done it, but you know that it will soon touch you. Whatever your case, this guide with the best tricks and tips to paint your house will help you.

40% of Spaniards decided to paint our homes without help, both to save a few euros and to sign up for DIY. And, also, we do it almost half the time every two or three years, which is the recommended average – although, as we get older, we tend to increase this frequency.

Study On Home Painting

These data, taken from a study on home painting habits carried out by Robertson, make it clear that, throughout our lives, we will see more than once with the brush in hand. Now, how to use it? And above all, how to do it so that the result is as professional as possible? We tell you!

How To Calculate How Much Paint We Will Need?

Before going to the store, it is necessary to know how many paint we can should buy. To do this, we must measure the square footage of the room, both the ceiling and the walls. “If we measure the height from the ground to the ceiling, we can easily find out the meters of each wall, and, adding them, we know the m2 of the entire room”, specifies Castle Rock painters, Robertson expert. With this measure, once in the establishment, we must look at the container of the paint that we want to buy, where it is indicated for how many meters it serves, bearing in mind, however, that the indications are for a single layer of paint. “The idea is to always calculate for a bit since some paint is lost on the roller and in the containers,”


What Tools And Materials Do You Need To Paint A House?

Since we are in the store, how about we acquire everything necessary to carry out our task? “The first step is to cover everything, so we will need a painter’s paper or carpet for the floor and, in the case of furniture, plastic to cover them, and it is convenient to use bodybuilder’s tape for the edges or parts that are not well covered; the most usual one is 24 millimeters “, says Loretta . “If there are cracks or holes in the wall to be painted, we will have to cover them with putty using a spatula to apply it, and we will need brushes or brushes, the most normal thing is to use a round brush for the walls and a flat palette in case we paint wood.”

But do not remove the wallet yet, that’s not all: “To start painting, the most common is to use a 22-centimeter non-stick roller for walls and ceilings, but the reality is that more and more microfiber or polyamide are being used It is also interesting to have an extension for the roller, since it is more comfortable and allows painting the ceilings without having to climb the ladder. Finally, we need the paint itself, buckets were repackaging the paint if we use 15-liter buckets and a ladder if necessary, “sums up the expert.

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