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While the CRC is based in Castle Rock, CO, the group desires to show the greater Denver Metro area what Castle Rock and Douglas County have to offer to the artistic community. The chorale's goal is not only to present high-quality local concerts but also to use its sound to bridge cultural, ethnic, county, and city lines. Therefore the CRC has made and will continue to make a special effort to participate in volunteer outreach projects at community centers and schools, to collaborate with other artists and groups, and to present a wide array of repertoire designed to expose its choir and its audience members to the diversity of choral music.

The directors of the CRC have a goal of fostering and educating local singers. The choir is a way of giving people from all walks of life a lesson in cooperation, diversity, and – on a practical level – musicianship. In addition, the CRC wishes to enlighten as well as entertain its public. Audience members will be exposed to an eclectic array of music; Medieval to Contemporary, gospel to plainchant, predictable to amusingly eccentric.

The Castle Rock Chorale is a 501c3 organization, which means that all donations to the choir are tax deductible.

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